Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here's to a New Year and as always, new ideas, inspiration, and a new lease on life. Well, I'm an eternal optimist, even when I'm being pessimistic. My "Notes" section on my iphone is really organized and full of things to do. Emails have been cleared, cabinets have been cleaned out and I am talking myself into being excited about going back to work tomorrow when we could all use another week off. As most of you know(and participate in) having worked for 25 years this fall in this business, I have already worked as many hours as most people who are 62 and qualifing for retirement. Of course, I've got another 20 years to go till my actual retirement, so I don't think that another week off is too much to ask. My brain is only just now resetting! Nobody can say I'm not up for a challenge, and this job is that and then some. 

That being said, I'm  happy happy girl with an incredible family on both sides and have a great life and health better than anyone expected. We just got back from The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter and my next post will be all about it! All i can say is if you are a fan-do not miss it!

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