Sunday, December 12, 2010

bear with me!

hey makeup peeps-It looks like my texting posts are a jumble sometimes so since this is my first go at blogging, I will just do it from my computer from now on.
I'm getting ready to watch 127 hours, and "Girl with a dragon tattoo", also the latest episode of "Boardwalk Empire"(future emmy winner for best makeup). Our super big crazy day turned into filling out paperwork for an insurance day and we ended up with a long weekend and got loads done, including husband fixing the sink-hurray! i can do another 9 dozen batches of rocky road fudge for the crew. Its important to thank the people you work with because we don't always get thanked. Seriously-thank you goes such a long way and we rarely get it. it's pretty unbelievable considering we will work our fannies off for a small dog treat.
have a great week everyone-I hope it cools down again-I really liked it cold!!!!

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