Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ooh! Something Shiny!

Hi Everyone-Just got inspired to start blogging about something I still love doing-MAKEUP! I'm right smackdab in the middle of a big episode of department heading Glee and I have finally realized that I have sporadic attention to most things in my life, including makeup. Oh yes, I get the job done and it always looks good, but I'm never going to be department heading those shows that you get 6 hours to do a prosthetic makeup. 2 hours yes, 6 no. Jane Lynch told me the other day, "Eryn, you are a great slapper-onner!" it's definitely a compliment, because she is particular and can't stand sitting in the chair longer than about 15 minutes, but unfortunately I never really get those jobs that I get to obsessively refine my techinique. I think it does lend to producers being happy that we get 15-20 actors through our trailer in under 2 hours and that I know what will and won't be showing on camera, but man! sometimes I liken my husband and brother-in-law(the super talents Mike Mekash and Christien Tinsley) to Rembrandts, where I am Tom Sawyer, getting everyone to help slap it on.

Probably twice a day, I get texts or emails asking how-to questions in regards to makeup. I always take time to answer and help, because honestly, very few people helped me when I got started almost 25(!!!!) years ago. So I will be posting my questions/answers here and hopefully it will help more artists that way.

Best-Eryn Krueger Mekash

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