Sunday, December 12, 2010

bear with me!

hey makeup peeps-It looks like my texting posts are a jumble sometimes so since this is my first go at blogging, I will just do it from my computer from now on.
I'm getting ready to watch 127 hours, and "Girl with a dragon tattoo", also the latest episode of "Boardwalk Empire"(future emmy winner for best makeup). Our super big crazy day turned into filling out paperwork for an insurance day and we ended up with a long weekend and got loads done, including husband fixing the sink-hurray! i can do another 9 dozen batches of rocky road fudge for the crew. Its important to thank the people you work with because we don't always get thanked. Seriously-thank you goes such a long way and we rarely get it. it's pretty unbelievable considering we will work our fannies off for a small dog treat.
have a great week everyone-I hope it cools down again-I really liked it cold!!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

So today I decided I needed some maintenance from Detroit Stress City. My wonderful seester-in-law, Angela Tinsley, gave me a one hour rejuvenation from Oasis Nail Spa at 3317 West Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, Ca 91505. It consist of a manicure, pedicure, facial and half hour hot Rick massage on your face or hands, or feet. I felt like a makeover scene out of a movie-maybe The Wizard of Oz. Or maybe a turkey getting basted before it goes in the oven. It was fast and I get fidgety after too long(not good at the pampered thing-just not my style) so this was great for me. Being in a nail salon and dressed in a terry cloth wrap and laying back, you'd think people wouldn't be loud but there was still a ton of "OH.MY.GEEED! You guys!! Look at this coleeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!! Yay!!!!" I didn't anticipate relaxing anyway-it all felt great. Check it out! And it's probably not busy during the week. $100 one hour rejuvenation.
Good morning everyone!!! Had 17 makeup scheduled for yesterday and 8 additional hairstylists which was the grand total of 32 artists! If we couldve bussed 28 more 706ers to Cabrillo High School in Long Beach, we would've had a quorum. Here's the latest question. It comes from a frien who I department heading in Alaska and is having trouble with the spirit gum crystalliazing under the moustaches and beards. The best thing I've found is to use Pros-Aide. It's flexible and strong and it wont't freeze.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today's question is about staining teeth temporarily.
"Do you know what I could use for a blue teeth gag? Something that would not stain someone's teeth permanent?"
I have used frosting and professional food dye mixed in mouthwash. It comes in all colors and you can ingest it as well as remove it with a god tooth scrubbing. You can purchase it at Sur La Table as well as professional cake and candy decorating stores.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

ode that we are working on, decide what I'm going to wear for an on-camera interview tomorrow and get ready to answer questions and defend the reasoning
overdo. Today I crocheted a scarf for my secret Santa, made gluten free banana bread, crock potted a leftover turkey soup, finish sealing the threshold
behind how long it takes us to do our jobs. Multiple-tasking quiets my brain and makes me a peaceful person when dealing with my high-stress job(no prep
and an enormous cast with tins of different needs and wants). Here is the question I got today from Atlanta, GA.
"What is the best remover for Tinsley T
on our new kitchen doors, grocery shopped, read the paper and did the laundry(our new faucet broke too which hubby fixed, but there are dishes to be done

Have a relaxing evening!

still) an sent invites to a tiny cocktail party we are throwing. All this relaxes me, and while I'm doing it all, I design makeups and organize the epis
nd after it cools, you will be able to wipe off a fair bit of the ink. Start the process again. It won't take more than about 10-15 minutes for full remo
ransfer Tattoos?"
The best way to remove them is Beta Solve. Put it on with a puff, rub it around and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then apply a hot towel a
eative, and when I try to do nothing and relax, all my brain does is whirl and think of stuff I could be doing. Weekends make me anxious because I always
I think it's really important to have other interests besides your career. You can really get lost in it. I am definitely OCD, like most of us who are cr
Testing to see if this works! Sending texts to my blog from my phone!

Ooh! Something Shiny!

Hi Everyone-Just got inspired to start blogging about something I still love doing-MAKEUP! I'm right smackdab in the middle of a big episode of department heading Glee and I have finally realized that I have sporadic attention to most things in my life, including makeup. Oh yes, I get the job done and it always looks good, but I'm never going to be department heading those shows that you get 6 hours to do a prosthetic makeup. 2 hours yes, 6 no. Jane Lynch told me the other day, "Eryn, you are a great slapper-onner!" it's definitely a compliment, because she is particular and can't stand sitting in the chair longer than about 15 minutes, but unfortunately I never really get those jobs that I get to obsessively refine my techinique. I think it does lend to producers being happy that we get 15-20 actors through our trailer in under 2 hours and that I know what will and won't be showing on camera, but man! sometimes I liken my husband and brother-in-law(the super talents Mike Mekash and Christien Tinsley) to Rembrandts, where I am Tom Sawyer, getting everyone to help slap it on.

Probably twice a day, I get texts or emails asking how-to questions in regards to makeup. I always take time to answer and help, because honestly, very few people helped me when I got started almost 25(!!!!) years ago. So I will be posting my questions/answers here and hopefully it will help more artists that way.

Best-Eryn Krueger Mekash