Thursday, January 20, 2011

What happened to the Makeup Awards show?

This morning, my friend Lou Eyrich, was nominated for a Costume Designer's Guild Award for her achievement on Glee. We are so proud of all the accolades that our teams have received from their hard work on this show. Well-deserved. But Lou brought up an old point that Janis Clark and myself were mulling over-what happened to the Makeup and Hairstylists Awards?

Most all of the other locals have awards ceremonies, and of course 706 used to(it was wrought with espionage and intrigue, apparently, and everyone had to have their way-as well as a very high price tag for the tickets). It was a very fun night, all in all, and although there were way to many categories(there are way to many categories for the Creative Awards as well-it's that "Generation Y" thing of "everyone needs a trophy") it was a great opportunity to get together with peers that you hadn't seen in a while and socialize.

Maybe someday someone will get it together again-more sponsorship, smaller pricetag, and something more akin to other locals awards shows-7 or so categories and continue partying, drinking and judging other's wardrobe choices. Nothing better.

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