Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Potterites! This one is for you!

Just wanted to give a little summary of our trip to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. If you are are a fan YOU MUST GO! it' amazing and the attention to detail is very rewarding for big ol fans like myself. There has recently been a Miley Cyrus mock tv show skit on Saturday Night Live where all she says is "It's pretty cool!" This was Husband's response to everything in WWHP. Considering he isn't as big of a dork as me, it was highly complimentary.

Here is some advice-
1. Stay at the Universal Resort (three hotels-Hard Rock, Loews Royal Pacific, or Portifino). You get front-of-th-line passes for all rides in both parks except Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. You also get to go into the park an hour earlier than the general public. Definitely take advantage of this.

2. See the frog choir and the Tri-Wizard pep rally.

3. Eat the fish and chips, not the shepherd's pie at The Three Broomsticks. Also, non-frozen Butterbeer rules, and have the Hogshead Brew-it's an English type beer and very good. Wait for the Boar's head above the bar to move. Very cool.

4. Go to the Forbidden Journey ride first, then stand in line for Ollivander's-it also has a wait, but is connected to Dervish and Bang's and the Owl Post.

5. Be sure to hang out by the Hogwart's Express. The steam belching across the station house is stunning.

6. Since we got up super early the next day to go and do Forbidden Journey ride again, we stopped off in Suessville(also pretty cool) and had breakfast with the Whos, The Grinch, and Cat In The Cat, which was completely entertaining and great coffee for your $20 buffet type meal.

We had the best time-Let me know what YOU think!

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